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Stockists of Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fittings

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STAR CORPORATION was established in 1963 and dealt in Energy Control and

Transmission Systems. We carry an experience of more than half a century in provision

of wide array of products to the ultimate satisfaction of our valued customers.

We are the largest Stockholders and Importers of VALVES, PIPES, FITTINGS and supplier

of world's best brands of Energy Control & Transmission Products. We are authorized

dealer of World’s Famous brands like KITZ Corporation Japan (, Yoshitake

Japan (, YAMATAKE Corporation Japan ( ,

and Dk Valve Co Korea ( , and products from other US, EUROPEAN and

FAR-EASTERN based companies.

Our motto is to entertain your valuable inquiries with genuine high quality products with

competitive rates.

You might meet persons/companies dealing in above-mentioned brands with

counterfeit & inferior quality local made products at cheaper prices, which ultimately

results in production losses. Basic difference between Star Corporation and others is our

MTC (Material Test Certificate) and Dealer Authorization Certificates.

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